John Stufflebeam

JB is a pleasure to work with.

We met last December…At this point it was just before Christmas and a home purchase wasn’t at the top of the to-do list. Putting up the Christmas tree in our current residence however, confirmed the fact that our existing space was – shall we say – tight.

After the New Year, we looked at several units in the Parkfairfax community from fully renovated units to units that were totally original. We viewed many during the daylight hours, but there were evening viewings too. And, on some of the coldest days of the season…

In mid-February, we put an offer on the unit we would own. She introduced us to the mortgage broker and helped get us started on all the requirements. All this as I boarded a plane for South Asia for 24 days and Mike boarded a plane for training in North Carolina for six weeks. All matters great and small were handled “over the wire” with email, texts, and digital signatures.

Once we closed on the new property, the question of how to get the existing unit prepped and rented was a big concern for us. Once again, JB to the rescue. After signing the necessary documents, we used JB and Keller Williams to offer the unit for rent. This was a huge weight off my back as I was still traveling extensively. JB was able to recommend workmen, cleaners, and a management company that could handle everything going forward. The best part however, was the unit was on the market for three days when we received a viable tenant.

Our home buying – and renting – experience with JB and [LUXA Properties] was top notch. I would definitely recommend them for any of your real estate needs. Why? Because JB is a pleasure to work with.

John Stufflebeam
Alexandria, VA
February 2016